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Hand crafted one at a time. No snaps, buckles or frames. Works with liners, rails and tool boxes. Easy on. easy off. Completely weatherproof and water proof. Quick access to any part of your truck bed. Can expand with your load!  We make Bed Skins for all makes, models, and years. Ford, Chevy, Dodge, Toyota, & Nissan. A tonneau, or truck bed cover what ever you want to call them...Call them a Bed Skin!

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About Bed Skins

Bed Skins Truck Bed Covers are different alright, these covers come right over your box. Do they scratch? Of course not! Bed Skins are weather proof and water proof. Tested for 10 years successfully in cold northern winters to hot southern summers. Bed Skins simply out smarts the competition with it's patented design. Fabric architecture or tension structure designs the Bed Skin giving it it's look. Points and curves wrap around your truck like skin covers our bodies. A divine design we copied, no wonder they work so good.

Tension structure in fabric architecture is a hall mark of endurance and strength. May be that's why the Denver international airport utilizes fabric under tension in it's massive roofing system. Or why the Bedouins still use this curve and point system in the tents they live in, to this day. Bed Skins came about out of necessity. We needed a cover that had no hardware to attach to a company truck. In other words we need to be able to take the cover off quick with nothing left behind including scratches. The cover had to let us get into our cargo easily at any where around the truck. It had to be water proof and weather tight in all driving conditions to protect our cargo.

One more thing, it had to be able to expand with the load. Our cargo was often stacked to the top of the cab! The Bed Skin was born, she does all this and more! It's true, "Bed Skin Are The Most Versatile Truck Bed Cover On The Market". We've had customers come back for two decades. Each time they buy a new truck, they buy a new Bed Skin to go with it! Some feel Bed Skins should come standard with every truck.

We know you'll love your Bed Skin so we offer a full 30 thirty day unconditional guarantee. No other truck bed cover offers a guarantee like this. Along with our guarantee we offer a warranty for a full year on materials and workmanship.

Bed Skins works over tool boxes and rails with no modifications. Using a Bed Skin can increase your fuel mileage. No snaps, buckles or frame. Put in on in a couple of minutes take it off in less. Roll it up and put it behind the seat if you don't need it. But when you need a cover that's going to protect your cargo in all weather conditions put in on and feel confident. Bed Skins go on your truck like you put on a jacket basically. Get protected and "Make your Bed," with a Bed Skin Truck Bed Cover.


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